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We're the Vancouver School Board's online school.

Since 1990, we've provided a comprehensive, flexible and engaging edution program that provides an alternative to traditional in-person learning for many different profiles of students.

Important Updates:
Posted on13.09.2019

Dear parents and guardians of B.C. students:? Welcome to the new school year – I hope you enjoyed a safe and restful summer. Whether your child is entering Kindergarten or nearing graduation, it’s a great time to be a student in B.C.’s edution system.??

Posted on15.05.2019

You n do your school work from anywhere, at your own pace and on your own schedule. Spring/Summer Registration opens Monday, May 13 and closes Friday, July 5. Courses run until Friday, August 2. Free to school-aged BC residents (fees for international students). Adults are welcome (fees may or may not apply).

We offer 80+ Grade 10-12 courses in English, sciences, social studies, mathematics, languages and electives. We also offer popular courses like reer and Life Edution 10 (CLE 10) and Physil and Health Edution 10 (PHE 10). Though there are many Spring/Summer course options, other courses listed on our website n be worked on at the student’s own pace and n be completed during the summer. Students n register for these at any time.

Posted on22.02.2019

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and the school district encourages everyone to take this current set of measles ses as a reminder to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date and to report student vaccination records to Vancouver Coastal Health via the school's Public Health Nurse. ?
If you have documentation of your child’s vaccination records and wish to get them to VCH, please feel free to drop a copy of them off at the school office and we will provide them to our school’s VCH Public Health Nurse.
If you are wanting to receive vaccinations, you n access such services via:
-One of the VCH Community Health Centres (North, South, Three Bridges, Evergreen, Ravensong, and Pacific Spirit Community Health Centers)
-Certain pharmacies which offer vaccination services
-Certain family/general physicians' offices

If you have questions regarding measles or vaccinations, please ll 811 or Vancouver Coastal Health.

Posted on23.08.2017

Did your grade 10-12 VLN course final grade make it onto your Ministry Transcript? Here's how to find out.

Already know what you're looking for?

Did you know?

We offer over 90 VSB classes online

All courses are Dogwood Accredited by the BC Ministry of Edution.

VSB Certified Teachers

All of our teachers are certified employees of the Vancouver School Board.

Free for BC Students

All of our courses are free for school-aged residents of British Columbia.

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